“Not only is Dr. Arpita the most AMAZING dentist around, she is also an amazing person. She takes an experience that most children feel is traumatic and turns it into a fun and exciting ride in the dentist chair. Her work and knowledge set the bar high for all other dentists. We couldn’t imagine our life without her, and we are patients for life!”
— Jessica H.

“Dr. Arpita was awesome. Very friendly and patient with my child who has fear of going to the dentist. Would recommend her to anyone who needs children’s dentistry. She’s the best.”
— Sunt T.

“Dr. Arpita is the best pediatric dentist I have ever been to! My son and I are sad to say goodbye after five years of such quality care. Dr. Arpita is personable, friendly, and always positive! I wish she was closer to where I live because she would be my son’s dentist until he was 18. We will miss you! Thanks for all you did to make my son’s dental exam a pleasant experience each and every time!”
— Lea B.

“Most children are terrified to go to the dentist! My kids are just the opposite; they ask, ‘When is it time for my cleaning? Will Dr. Arpita be there?’ We met Dr. Arpita a couple of years ago and my kids fell in love! She is the epitome of a great dentist. When I looked for my children’s dentist, I wanted someone with a lot of patience, compassion, interpersonal skills, great communication, and honesty. When I found Dr. Arpita, she surpassed all of my wants! She is very hands-on with the kids; she explains to them exactly what she’s going to be doing. She executes each visit with grace. She is very informative to the parent and does everything she can to make sure each child has a beautiful, healthy smile! My princess Chloe loves her so much! She always greets Dr. Arpita with a huge hug! Chloe has had a variety of work done, and even with extractions, Dr. Arpita was so gentle. Chloe NEVER shed a tear. If you are looking for a dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Arpita. She takes great pride in her work and my children are always happy after each visit!”
— Kristina S. (a friend who became family!)

“Dr. Arpita is nice and always happy. When I cried about having a cavity, she made me feel better. She gives the best hugs! She is so much fun and very pretty!”
— Landry, age seven

“Dr. Arpita is the BEST pediatric dentist in Charlotte! She is such a big kid at heart and makes my children feel at ease during their visits. My children can’t wait until their next appointment!”
— M.G.

“I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Arpita through a ministry in which she volunteers in her spare time. My daughter and I connected with Dr. Arpita from the start. She can make anyone comfortable. Not long after meeting Dr. Arpita, she heard that my daughter was in the hospital. She made it a point to come and visit with her, as well as check on her regularly. I am grateful to have gotten to know Dr. Arpita through her ministry. I have grown very fond of her. I am thrilled to see that her hard work and dedication have helped her open her own pediatric dental office. I look forward to her seeing my children, and I am sure that others will be impressed with her, too.”
— Omah S.

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