Pregnancy and Oral Health

Your pregnancy is a time of joy and excitement ... and a time to take special care of yourself. You’ve discovered that pregnancy brings many physical changes, but it may still come as a surprise to learn that pregnancy hormones can affect your oral health as well.

As you may already know, your body becomes more susceptible to bacterial complications. In terms of oral health, you may be at a higher risk for gingivitis and periodontal disease during the course of your pregnancy.

The hormonal changes in your body can create a more welcoming environment for gum infections, including gingivitis. Although you may continue to brush and floss on a regular basis, and maintain your schedule of cleaning appointments, you are still prone to an increased risk of gingivitis.

Your gums may feel more sensitive and become more prone to bleeding because of the increased amount of blood flowing through your body. This can also be a side effect of periodontal disease, which nearly 40% of pregnant women have.

We recommend brushing more than twice a day and flossing regularly. Invest in a good mouthwash for extra protection against plaque buildup. If you have not switched to a soft-bristle toothbrush, now is the time! Also, feel free to talk to us about possible rinses or other at-home treatments to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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